These Days

Steve is working on the bathroom remodel; there’s crashing and banging and sawing and drilling and hammering and swearing filling the house.  Hayden is doing her nails and otherwise prepping for homecoming while her music volume constantly increases to cover the crashing and banging filling the house.  Anna is drawing a “Welcome October” picture for me in my bullet journal.  I told her a simple sketch would be sufficient, but she is an artist, and nothing for her is ever sufficient; it must be perfect.  And, I am researching a new book idea.  There are two dogs at my feet; one because she is always at my feet when I am in my office, and the other because she is terrified by the banging and crashing filling the house.  It’s raining.  That will ruin the homecoming pictures.  Otherwise, it’s a pretty perfect Saturday in the fall.  There’s spaghetti sauce in the crock pot, simmering away, filling the house.

Steve and I just celebrated our ninetieth wedding anniversary, and I wonder, so often, how it is that we got here, to this place, these weekends, that I so dearly love.  Sometimes it feels like such a long ride, and other times I think we are still at the beginning.  We are the among the lucky ones, I know this.  We’ve had plenty of bumps and bruises along this journey, we’ve suffered some great losses, but we have never faltered, we have never doubted our love for one another.  Many of our friends have divorced or almost divorced, a few of those divorces quite shocking, and each time we wonder how it is that a marriage can get to that point, each time we are so thankful that we don’t know the answer.

I know I sound a little, or maybe even a lot, self-righteous.  But, I truly know that our success so far has as much to do with luck as it does with our hard work.  I know that it could all fall apart tomorrow, that some unforeseen event could shake us, some minute shift in the universe could rock us to our core.  I know how blessed we are to have these moments, this family, these Saturdays.  I take none of it for granted, and I do, I honestly do, wonder how we got her so relatively unscathed.

Because these days?

These days are the days that sustain me.  These little days with my little family.  I am such a lucky woman.







Father’s Day

Father’s day was last Sunday, but we started celebrating the Thursday before because I managed to get a sweet, sweet deal on Red Sox tickets for that night, and we could not pass them up because who passes up a sweet deal on Red Sox tickets?  No one, that’s who.  Well, okay, I’m sure someone would pass it up for various inexcusable reasons, but that someone would be very, very foolish, and, also, they are not us.

Four tickets + four hot dogs + four drinks for $86 dollars = sweet deal.

We did worry a bit about what sort of view these seats would provide.  We understood they were in right field, a perspective we had never experienced; we knew that Fenway, being such a small park, doesn’t have many bad seats, but it does have some “restricted view” seats, so we were absolutely stunned when we arrived to find these amazing seats.  Smack dab in home run ball territory.  Surrounded by other happy families who had paid $86 for their great, great seats.  It was a party in right field.


Hold that thought.  Let me back up.

The girls and I were determined this year to do something super special for Father’s Day.  We had a few ideas before the Red Sox came along, and we had decided to take Steve camping on Cape Cod–or, The Cape, for those familiar.  We tented quite a bit when the kids were younger, and we have all been missing it, and vowed that this summer we will do more camping, so we (the girls and I) thought we’d get it started on Father’s Day.

I found a great place with a pool and kayaking and we were prepared to surprise him.  Then the weather started to look not so happy.  And, at the same time, I started to think that camping might not be the best surprise for Steve because he is super organized about camping and if we didn’t get everything planned just perfectly it would probably be stressful for him.  Also, camping is a lot of work.  For Steve.  Happy Father’s Day.

Then the Red Sox deal came along and we were happy with that, so we changed our plan.  We wanted to surprise him still, but since it was a Thursday game, and he has building committee meetings on Thursday nights, we realized we were going to have to tell him ahead of time so that he could find someone to replace him at the meeting.

He was all about it.

Instead of leaving work a half day on Thursday, Steve decided to take the entire day off so that we could go to the city early.  He took Friday as well, and we found another sweet deal on a hotel outside the city, and made it an overnight.

We stopped at Gillette Stadium on the way to tour the Patriots Hall of Fame.  Hard to believe we had never been there.  It’s compact, but it’s impressive, and we all enjoyed the time we spent there.

After the Patriots, we checked into the hotel and Steve and the girls went to the pool while I took a quick nap after which we continued on to Downtown Crossing where we did a little summer clothes shopping for the girls before heading to the game.


It was a gorgeous early summer evening, not too hot with a nice breeze.  Anna and I purchased new Red Sox tees since ours were a bit outdated–hers was a kid’s size small and mine was from back in the Nomar days.

The sun, though beautiful, was a wee bit troublesome for the first twenty minutes before it set enough for everything to be perfect. IMG_2814

And, perfect it was.

Everything about the night was perfect.  From the weather to the seats to the popcorn and peanuts to the moment when my girls absolutely lost their minds during Sweet Caroline.  Sweet, sweet perfection.

There was also this moment:

IMG_2779when the wind blew just right, and I realized that Fenway stood with Orlando, and instead of panic about being in a crowd (which would normally be my go to emotion) I felt renewed sadness for the 49, and for those who loved them, mixed with a certain pride for my team and the unity displayed flying high above the crowd.  We are all, at our core, just people who gather, and be it in a night club or at a baseball stadium, we are the same, and we will continue to gather.



On Friday, we made our way home slowly.  Taking the back roads of Rhode Island looking for Judith Point lighthouse which we had never seen and didn’t realize is a homeland security station, so we were not able to walk right up to the lighthouse like we had hoped and been lead to believe.  Still, the park there was beautiful.  We managed to take a few photos, and we checked Judith Point Light off our list of lighthouses.



This is one of my new favorite photos of all time; Steve and his daughters on Fake Father’s Day.


On real Father’s Day we stayed close to home, hung out together, and went out to dinner.  Steve says it was one of his favorites.  Mission accomplished.