Our Happy Place

We made a quick trip to Maine this weekend.  The traffic was the worst we have ever seen, the campground was old and dilapidated, and the weather Saturday morning was less than pleasant.

We had a great time anyway.  We set up the tent and left it there reminding ourselves that it didn’t matter that the campground was a dump; we were only sleeping there anyway.


We went to all the usual places, but decided to eat someplace new.  The Beachfire bar and grille in Ogunquit did not disappoint.


Couldn’t gamble with breakfast though.  No trip to Maine is complete without The Bagel Basket.


The weather improved quickly, and we spent a great late morning/early afternoon on the beach until the tide finally kicked us off.

Of course, we went downtown, and to Perkin’s Cove.

We visited with Bear at the Life is Good shop.  Bear is thirteen this year, my kids have patted his head every one of his years.  They are always anxious to stop in and see him.    It will be a sad, sad, day when Bear is no longer a part of our Maine trips.


And, the sun has set on another year in Maine.  No matter where we go in our lives, York Beach will always be our happiest of places.



2 thoughts on “Our Happy Place

  1. Aunt Lindy says:

    Looks like you had good family time; and really, that’s all that counts. I’m hoping Bear has a good long life ahead. The pictures enabled me to be there, too. So I was on vacation with you!

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