The Summer of Nancy

This is Nancy.


Nancy showed up at my parent’s camp one day via a shopping trip to Target in which Hayden casually threw her into the cart declaring she loved Nancy and that she would love her and feed her and play with her everyday.

At first, Nancy blended into the family nicely and played well with others.


But, rather quickly, all others were forsaken as Nancy’s charm caused everyone to gravitate towards her and her alone; everyone wanted the attention of Nancy.


They loved her individually.

They loved her in pairs.


They whispered their secrets to her.


Even the adults were smitten with Nancy.

Occasionally, Nancy got a little frisky and attempted to mess with anyone not paying enough attention to her.  Luckily for Hayden, Nancy was unsuccessful in bumping her off the paddle board this time.DSC_0345

Only because Nancy decided it was more fun to be pulled around the lake.

One day, Nancy became a little too frisky and ventured out into the lake unaccompanied.  She managed, with a little help from the wind, to make it several camps down the Narrows before Hayden, the love of her life, was able to rescue her.

It was a close call, but tragedy was averted and this, the Summer of Nancy, was saved.

Until next time.


Notice the beety, evil eye.  She’s plotting something.  I just know it.


2 thoughts on “The Summer of Nancy

  1. Aunt Lindy says:

    Hahaha! I love this! Please…I want a signed copy of your first book…then a signed copy of all the books to come. Reading your posts is like being there! AND…I want a Nancy!!

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