Run like the Wind! Or like random people are throwing ground up chalk at you

The girls did their first Color Run June 25th in Hartford.  It wasn’t the best weekend for a color run as we had about four thousand other things happening that same weekend, but since they registered for it in March, and it has been on the calendar ever since, I suppose it’s just as fair to say that we didn’t have time for those other four thousand things because it was Color Run day.


We were confused by the dark t-shirts, but the race organizers assured us that the chalkboard gray is best for absorbing the colors, so who were we to argue?  Also, color absorbtion or not, I think, the darker shirts make a more attractive keepsakes, so it’s a win win.

A little pre-race color prep:

There were lots of festivities, lots of chalk being thrown around, and lots of anxious 5Kers ready to run this untimed fun run.  The girls started the race in the second group, and then Steve and I found a great place in the shade at the end of the route to wait for them to finish.


We are not new to 5Ks and we know approximately how long it takes our girls to run them.  Usually, they wear something that doesn’t necessarily stand out, but that we can easily recognize, so that we can see them coming towards the finish.  This was a wee bit more challenging because of everyone wearing the same color, but we were confident that we would be able to spot the trio.

Until Hayden walked up behind us and said, “Hi!”

Little whippersnapper had separated from Anna and Morgan (they were running too slow for her) and ran right past us to the finish!

About ten minutes later, the younger girls finished.

All three of them had a blast and were covered in color.

And, then much celebration and silliness ensued.

But, these have to be my three favorite shots of the day:

We’ll be back next year.


2 thoughts on “Run like the Wind! Or like random people are throwing ground up chalk at you

  1. Aunt Lindy says:

    Looks like fun. How do you keep from inhaling the chalk dust? I have always wondered that. Congrats girls…

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