A little bragging

Officially, the last day of school will be Tuesday, the 14th, but today is worth celebrating.  Today is the last full day of school for Anna this year.  Hayden is in the midst of finals, so her schedule is all over the place depending on when she has an exam, but Anna has been plucking away, and today is, finally, her last full day.  I made the last school lunch of the year this morning.  Summer is a heartbeat away.  And, it couldn’t come soon enough or be more welcome than it is this year.

I’m so proud of Anna.IMG_2282

Middle school can be a rough time for kids, and that certainly has proven to be true for her this year, but she has overcome everything that was thrown at her, and she is emerging on the other side of seventh grade smarter, more confident, more compassionate, more grounded than ever.  She has re-established an amazing friend group, she has maintained near perfect grades, and she has become a true leader in her school.

Recently, Anna was chosen to be a S.A.F.E mentor for next year.  Obviously, SAFE is an acronym for something wonderful, and, just as obviously, I should know what that acronym is, but I don’t, so let’s just all acknowledge that it is something special and cool and quite an honor to be chosen for, and move on.  Although, I do want to mention that in order to be chosen you must first be nominated by a teacher; Anna was nominated by two. Words don’t do justice to how proud we are of her.

Six months ago, I could never have imagined we would ever get her to enter that building again.  As a SAFE mentor, she will help sixth graders transition into the building.  Everything happens for a reason.


2 thoughts on “A little bragging

  1. Aunt Lindy says:

    You have every right to be proud…I’m proud of Anna and I’m a long way away. Have a great summer, Anna, you deserve it! And congratulations on becoming a SAFE mentor!

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