Memorial Day 2016 or Avery’s First Memorial Day

This holiday, my brother, my sister, and I, families and dogs in tow, descended on my parent’s lake house for a weekend of dock installation, baby snuggling, barbecue, thunder and lightning storms, swinging, sliding, laughing, tickling, and togetherness. Much merriment ensued.

There was traffic. IMG_2687

Though some of us remained unfazed. IMG_2690

There were ridiculously unsuccessful photo shoots.

And, the first kayaking of the season.

There was swimming.  Even though the lake was freezing cold, and it appears to be more noodle lounging than swimming.


There was some getting our toes wet.  Even though Hayden’s bracelets were more interesting.IMG_2714

There was some walking on the newly installed docks.


And, some snuggling off to sleep in the arms of a loving cousin, Anna.


There was pink eye.  And, there were horse fly bites.IMG_2699

And, there were rainy day activities, too.

But, the best thing was the Grandma love.

And, the moments I wasn’t quick enough to capture on camera.  Like the Colton giggles as Pop was tickling him, or the gust of wind that blew the canopy off the deck and simultaneously dumped a gallon of pooled water on my mother-in-law and almost took Grandma over the side of the deck chair and all.  Drew was a both a huge helper and big goofball, Ainsley was super loveable and a hugger, and we crammed twelve of us on the boat for the inaugural ride of the year.

All in all, it was a terrific weekend.


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