At least there will be time for coffee

So, um, some things have happened since I last posted.

  • I started that job, and even though I was underpaid, I felt as though I was getting some great job experience.  I loved the people I was working with, and enjoyed going to work every day. It was part-time, which we hadn’t really considered, but it was working out perfectly with the girl’s schedules.
  • Mother’s Day came and my family surprised me with an overnight trip to Maine–my happy place.  We stayed in the same motel that Steve and I stayed in the weekend he proposed to me on the beach.  The weather was completely uncooperative, rainy and windy and damp and chilly, but we managed to have a great time anyway.
  • While we were in Maine, I received a new job offer for much more money and stability.  My experience level was not exactly equal to that of the job expectancy, but the doc told me he was happy to train me, and that he didn’t expect me to learn everything or feel comfortable in the position for about a month.
  • Because the new doc was in a bind to fill the position, I agreed to leave my part-time job without giving them the customary notice.  I was uncomfortable with this, but did it because the new position was such an advancement for my career, and not being available to start immediately was a deal breaker.
  • The part-time boss could not have been more gracious or understanding, and wished me what felt like a very sincere “best of luck.”
  • That was a week ago.
  • Today, new full-time boss fired me because of my lack of experience.  Which he was completely aware of from the go.
  • WTF?
  • He told me he loved my work ethic, my quick learning ability, and my “tiger spirit” but, he felt the office required someone more experienced.  When I reminded him that he had expressed the opinion that it would take a month he said he had underestimated the ability of the rest of the staff to compensate while I was training.
  • Again, WTF?

Bottom line, I went from no job, to two jobs, to no job, in the span of three weeks.  I’m feeling a little sucker punched, a little bruised and a little shy at the moment.


2 thoughts on “At least there will be time for coffee

  1. Aunt Lindy says:

    Oh no!! That seems a little (?) unfair….he knew going in that you had to be trained. What a bummer!! I am so sorry.

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