I’ve got this

I started my new job at a small medical billing company yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited.  The position is temporary for now, but could develop into a full-time permanent position depending on how it all goes, how well I perform, how much we like one another, and if it feels like a good fit once the probation period has ended.  I hadn’t considered temporary, or even part time, positions simply because I pictured going back to work as an all-in endeavor, but, I think, this is actually pretty perfect for our family situation right now. I’d been slightly apprehensive about the timing of me working because of everything that has gone on at school with Anna, and how tentative she still is, not to mention Hayden’s stomach issues (which, knock on wood, are improving, but that is a post for another day), so this easing into it a little more slowly, though unexpected, makes perfect sense, and is probably best for us at this point.

My first day on the job went remarkably well.  My coworkers were warm and welcoming, and the woman training me was patient, organized, and thorough.  Her teaching style gelled perfectly with my learning style, and I was immediately relieved. The work is going to be challenging, but I feel as though my education has prepared me well.  Admittedly, I pictured myself more in the coding end of the profession than the billing, but my foot is in the door, and I’m going to take this opportunity and run with it, make it work to my advantage, while I gain valuable experience.

I have my own cubicle, and I understand working in a cubicle is supposed to be a wee bit depressing, but I can hardly contain my glee because I’ve never had my own little cubicle before, and the thought of personalizing my space is intoxicating to this office supply nerd.  Also, having a cubicle makes me feel like a grown up.  I have a desk and a desk chair and a desk calendar, I have a filing cabinet that is currently empty that I can add to and label files as I see fit, I have a two monitor computer and a phone, I have a stapler and a staple remover…you get the picture.

I know the passcode to enter the office.

I have a job where I am not only allowed, but encouraged, to use colored markers.

This is a good thing.  I’ve got this.


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