Chaos. Total.

My house is in total chaos.

I mean, sure, my house is almost always in total chaos, but this total chaos is even more totally chaotic than our normal total chaos because we are currently painting Anna’s bedroom and therefore all of her bedroom belongings are scattered throughout the remainder of the house.  Seemingly randomly.  There are bookcases in the hallway, an extra dresser in Hayden’s room, and piles of things among boxes of things in the living room.

I won’t even attempt to describe for you the ninja-like dexterity it required for me to get into the office just now to type this.

See, I have two teenagers and a husband, and together we have two dogs, three cats, and two guinea pigs, so I am accustomed to a certain degree of clutter.  I’ve come to accept dirty socks dropped on the floor in front of the recliner or a used cup on the end table.  I’ve learned to live in harmony with the dust; so much dust!  The dust is frightening!

And I accept that I’m a lousy housekeeper and a wee bit of a packrat; some may call me a low-level hoarder, but that level would be extremely low, and those people would be going out on quite the dangerous limb. Still, I get it.  I’d blame my parents if I could (because you are supposed to blame your parents for everything, right?) but what would be the point?  Last time I checked my parents were not responsible for dusting my living room, sweeping the laundry room, sorting the endless piles of mail, or picking up their own damn socks.

Well, okay, perhaps my parents should pick up their own socks.

But, having said all that, managing our calendar is a strength of mine, and even within my limitations, we generally function quite nicely in our chaos.  Everything we need is easily accessible, and we get to where we have to be when we have to be there. Usually.  Almost always.  Until something like moving furniture around to paint a room shifts the balance.  Then the whole house goes to hell.  Quickly.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that my To Do list for today looks like this:

  • dust
  • vacuum
  • shop for: prom shoes, bedroom curtains, something for dinner, Red Sox tickets
  • change the sheets
  • clean guinea pig cage
  • laundry
  • hang pictures in our bedroom and in the office
  • finish painting Anna’s room
  • put house back together

but my Things Completed list looks like this:

  • drank coffee
  • drank more coffee
  • changed the sheets
  • shopped for a NEW new paint color for Anna’s room
  • started re-repainting Anna’s room

with the addition of:

  • wrote this blog post

Because my house is in total chaos, and this is all I could accomplish today as a result.



2 thoughts on “Chaos. Total.

  1. Aunt Lindy says:

    I read your blog…I am exhausted!!! But you can handle it all…some of those things don’t matter…just deal with the important things…

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