The girls have discovered CrookedPigtails, and have recently been searching the archives looking at the sweet, funny, adorable things they did as younger versions of themselves.  They, most especially Anna, enjoy looking through those archives and asking questions or attempting to remember details about those times.  They giggle and make fun of one another, and they call Steve or me into the office to look at a photo or to read a post that they find particularly endearing.  It’s nice to have them be so enthusiastic about the blog, and it makes me feel happy that I recorded those memories for them.

I wasn’t great at baby books.  I mean, I was better at Hayden’s book than I was at Anna’s, which, I think, tends to hold true for most parents; the poor forgotten youngest child.  I scrapbooked for a while, but that was a super expensive, large space consuming hobby, and my perfectionism tended to slow down the pages.  I started CrookedPigtails, hoping that I could capture some of their childhoods.  I was never as diligent at writing the blog as I had hoped either, often allowing myself to become hung up on getting the wording just right rather than getting the thoughts down but, even though I didn’t manage to post as regularly as I’d hoped, I understand now–listening to them read the pages–that I captured some pretty great things, and not enough is infinitely better than not at all.

Recently, Steve had a late meeting at work so the girls and I took the opportunity to go out to dinner by ourselves.  Sparked by something they had seen on CrookedPigtails, they were asking me questions about themselves when they were little, and Anna informed me that I hadn’t written anything on the blog for a couple of years.  They wanted to know the reason for this, so I explained to them that now that they are older I feel their stories are no longer mine to tell, that their privacy comes more into play as they grow.  They both smiled at me, shaking their heads in recognition of what I was saying, and told me that level of their privacy doesn’t matter to them.  Hayden asked how they were supposed to show their own kids how they were at these ages if I don’t write it down.

They want me to continue.  Until that changes, I will write our stories.



2 thoughts on “Permission

  1. Aunt Lindy says:

    Keep writing…I so enjoy reading these posts. Some of what you say hits home for me, too! But you say it so much better than I could!

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