Things I should be writing about that have actually kept me from writing

Anna has been making the slow and courageous transition back into school after being bullied, and then having that bullying trigger some major anxiety and panic attacks.  There has been vomit, and absolute refusals to move even a muscle, and lots and lots of tears.  The school has been great at making some accommodations for her, and we are hoping that in the next couple of weeks she will be back to her normal schedule in its entirety.

This has been difficult time for our family, a time of learning, a time of coming together, and a time almost impossible to write about because it’s not entirely mine, and I don’t want to infringe on her privacy, but things are beginning to look more hopeful now, and we can all breathe again, so perhaps I’ll be able to more in the future.


I’m finally finished with school and took my CPC (certified professional coder) exam a little more than a week ago.

In a snowstorm blizzard.

In Providence, RI.

That was a fun drive home.

I’ve been obsessively checking the website for my results since last Wednesday only to have the same message come up every time: in transit to AAPC.  After some investigation, it appears the exams have been lost not yet reached the grading site.  I’m a wee bit freaked out by this.  More than a wee bit, honestly.  And, possibly ready to take someone’s head off.  Not that the exam means anything, really, I mean, it’s only for my national certification as a coder.  It’s only what we have spent the last year and thousands of dollars working towards.

**Edited to say I passed my exam!**


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