Mother Nature made me do it

This is, as everyone is acutely aware, the time of year for looking back in quiet reflection on the previous 365 days, and slowly, methodically, bashing yourself over the head with a cast iron skillet until all of your failures, all of your misguided adventures, everything you did wrong or forgot to do, each hurt, each injury, and every single regret: word, action, purchase, comes cascading out of your brain and lands smack dab at your feet like determined, fluttering, snowflakes–only not the pretty, no-two-are-ever-alike snowflakes that you wish you could catch on your tongue like you did when you were a kid, but you can no longer do that because the little monsters will poison you, damn ozone–nope, these earwax snowflakes are not so pretty, or appetizing.

No one actually enjoys this reflection, mind you.  No one actually wishes to do it.  But, you have to because it is the law.  Not the legal law, I’m pretty certain, but the universal law that dictates all human beings become sappy, grateful, thoughtful, disappointed, sad, and then ultimately hopeful people at the turn of each calendar year.

Who am I to fight universal law?

2015 was the year:

  • Steve turned 50 in February, Susan turned 48 in November, Hayden turned 16 in December, and Anna turned 12 in March
  • In February, Steve’s sister, Cindy, came to live with us for three months, and while there was a learning curve–we had to adjust to having another person in the house, and she had to adjust to being part of a busy family–it went remarkably well, and enriched all of our lives tremendously.
  • We hosted both Easter and Thanksgiving for Steve’s family
  • Hayden got her learner’s permit, tore her patella tendon, spent time in physical therapy for that knee, joined the dance team at school, started her Junior year of high school, played lacrosse, was Jangle the Elf for our float in the Niantic Light Parade, got her braces off, brought home an electronic “baby” to “mother” for a weekend for a class, learned to ref lacrosse, took her cousins Ainsley and Drew trick-or-treating, maintained straight A’s, received a surprise birthday party from her friends…
  • Anna also spent some time in physical therapy attempting to strengthen her “loosey-goosey” knees, played lots of soccer–both indoor and outdoor, played lacrosse, mastered the fine art of mod podge, redecorated her room, graduated from her loft to a double bed, made new friends, started seventh grade, maintained straight A’s, was a heat miser minion for the light parade, had the flu and pneumonia within a week of one another…
  • Steve built “the unit” entertainment center for our living room, coached the girl’s lacrosse teams–both indoor and out, maintained his positions as treasurer and equipment manager for the lacrosse league, built the float for the Niantic Light parade, built desks for both girls rooms, had his first colonoscopy, collected and distributed keepsakes from his father’s house for his siblings, worked every day to take care of us, cooked a bazillion crock pot meals…
  • I finished school with a degree in Medical Billing and Coding (I sit for my national certification on January 23rd), spent an overnight in the hospital with what we thought we a heart issue but turned out to be an anxiety attack, watched a thousand lacrosse and soccer games, attended meetings for the girl’s schools, got my first full body massage, read some fantastic books and a few stinkers as well…
  • We welcomed a new niece, Avery Kate
  • We welcomed a new kitten, Hazel Georgia Misquamicat
  • We spent a week in Maine in a big, but not quite big enough, house with Steve’s entire extended family.
  • We helped to plan my parent’s surprise 50th wedding anniversary party, and celebrated my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary with them and the whole family on a perfect August day at the lake house.
  • We had Steve’s mom for a ten day visit from Florida
  • We lost a friend to a misunderstanding, and a family member to divorce
  • We renewed two friendships
  • We didn’t send Christmas cards

I’m sure there’s lots more that I should be recording, hence the ellipses, but the universe will just have to hold her flakes because I dropped my skillet and it’s gone missing among the rubble.




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