Oh, what a difference a year makes

  • Hayden, though still fighting some anxiety, is having a stellar year.  She gets herself up and ready for school every morning, she’s earning incredible grades, playing indoor lacrosse, participating in school government and the dance team, and she is hanging out with several friends.  Fingers crossed, her life is good.
  • Seventh grade has not been as kind to Anna as sixth grade was; she’s had some friend troubles (a post for another day) and some health troubles, most recently a two-week stretch of sickly yuck that began with a fabulously high temperature and the threat of a lumbar puncture which we managed to avoid, and has developed into pneumonia.  Add in some nausea, some vomiting, a body covered in hives due to an allergic reaction to a z-pack, and the loss of twelve pounds, and finally, she is on the mend, so hopefully, her life will be good soon.
  • I recently finished my program in Medical Billing and Coding and will sit for my national certification exam on the 23rd of January.   For the first time in fifteen years full-time employment is in my near future.
  • Steve is doing well, still working for the same company, still plugging away at the home improvement projects, and surprised the family with a shiny new Mac desktop for Christmas “so the kids can do homework and you (I) can write on something reliable.”  This has inspired me to revive the blog. He’s a keeper.

Happy New Year to All.  My resolution is to write more.  Join me, won’t you?


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