Sixth grade is treating Anna well. She is enjoying the new found freedoms that middle school affords her, and she is adjusting to the increased homework. She has lots of friends in her classes, not only from elementary school, but also from playing basketball, soccer and lacrosse on town teams. She’s happy to go to school in the morning, and reports only good things about her day upon returning home. She plans to participate in a couple of clubs at school and is currently playing soccer for the town. She is thriving in her new environment.

But, she worries about her sister.

We have been completely honest with her about what is happening with Hayden, we have answered all of her many questions, and done our best to be as transparent about the situation as we possibly can, so that she feels included and reassured that Hayden is not dying, that she is safe, and we are working as a family to make everyone better. She understands, as well as any eleven year old child can, about anxiety, and she tries her best to help her sister feel better. She is the sweetest girl, and though it is incredible to watch her, it breaks my heart that she and her sister are going through this terrible time.

And, so, watching her do so well in school, watching her thrive and be happy, especially when she was so apprehensive about it before it began, is more than the icing on the cake. It’s the entire cake: batter, icing, candles, and all.


One thought on “Meanwhile

  1. Lindy says:

    Sounds like Anna’s year has started off on the right foot! And with her family’s help and all the support Hayden is getting, I’m sure she will be having a great year, too! Sooner rather than later.

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