We attended the appointment with the therapist yesterday, and it went very well. She met with us together for the first half hour or so, asking several questions about what has been going on from all of our different perspectives while assuring us that we are not all that unique, that these anxieties are quite common, and that with proper treatment and tools this should be just a blip on Hayden’s radar. She obtained some background information, and explained to us her procedural processes:that she believes in parental input (yay!), that we as parents are welcome to call her if we think there is something specific she should know or that we would like her to address with Hayden (so happy to hear this), that she will be calling us into sessions periodically (good to know), but that, essentially, she will be working with Hayden, and whatever Hayden shares with her will be confidential (of course) unless she feels Hayden is in danger. We all agreed that it sounded like a good plan, and then she met with Hayden one on one for about fifteen minutes while I filled out paperwork.

We liked her. Most importantly, Hayden liked her. In itself, that is a major accomplishment and a tremendous step forward. She will see her again next Monday.


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