School Days

School begins on Wednesday; Hayden will be a sophomore (gulp) and Anna a brand-new middle schooler in sixth grade (double gulp), so, today we are doing our collective best to soak up the sun and enjoy these last couple of summer days.

Anna had her orientation last week, and she is feeling much more confident about entering middle school now, although she is still a bit nervous, naturally. She worries about finding her classes on time, opening her locker, and changing her clothes for Phys Ed. Luckily, she has many friends, including her best friend since they were toddlers, on her team, so she is not worried about making friends.

Hayden has a tough schedule this year with two advanced maths, advanced history, advanced Biology, and honors courses in English and Spanish. She has been preparing her homework desk, and, though she is nervous about the unknown workload, she seems ready to tackle whatever comes her way.

This new year is upon us. There is no turning back.


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